Get On Board Day…

On Wednesday, January 19th, I made my way toward the Ferguson Center after my 10AM Spanish Class. I was going to “Get On Board Day”, which is an event that the University of Alabama has to ensure that students receive information about all of the clubs, societies, and organizations that UA has to offer. To be honest, I wasn’t that interested in joining any more clubs on campus, I was only there to sign my name at the journalism table for my Journalism 101 class. So, I walked into “the Ferg” and followed the signs that were supposed to lead me to the event that was “Get On Board Day.” I was a woman on a mission, I was looking for that one table, that one table where I had to sign my name, receive some information, and then leave. Easier said than done. I wandered around, I walked past table after table and I even passed some tables multiple times. I tried reading the map that was posted outside a set of double doors and I failed again. If at first you don’t succeed, try again. Right? Right. Finally located the table I was looking for and I was so annoyed with myself and my terrible sense of direction, that I stated out loud “wow, I definitely walked past this table like three times.” That statement was meant to be only heard by me, but the guy sitting behind the table said, “yeah, I saw you walk past us like three times.” Needless to say, I was a tad embarrassed. I smiled and told him why I was there, signed the roll sheet, gave them my information, and took a flyer. I quickly walked away and headed toward the food court area so I could get some lunch before my next class. Then I decided to stop and actually read the flyer he had given me. After reading the flyer, I realized that what I had just signed up for sounded pretty interesting and that I should probably look around and give some of the other organizations a chance as well. So, I did just that and now I can proudly say that I am a member of three different organizations at the University of Alabama. I really shouldn’t be so quick to judge. I like to think I know everything and then the Universe always seems to prove me wrong.


About kewestrich

I am a freshman and a social work major at the University of Alabama!
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