A lesson learned.

I am the kind of person who likes to make goals and then work every day to try to achieve those goals. Currently, I am a social work major and I am taking classes this semester that are required for my degree, except for one. Journalism 101, which meets on Wednesdays from 12:00-12:50. I’ll admit, I registered for Journalism 101 because it was worth one credit hour and it would count toward my “free elective credits” and it would put me one step closer to earning my BSW in Social Work (I told you I plan ahead). However, I am now beginning to realize that journalism is actually quite interesting.

I realized this after the class met for the first time on January 12th, 2011. My professor, George Daniels, gave us a word for every letter in the word “journalism.” For example, “J” stands for “justice.” As he kept explaining each letter in the word “journalism,” I became more and more intrigued with the subject of journalism. I guess I never really understood what journalists did exactly, but now I have a better understanding of what all a person can do with a major in journalism. Journalism has spread from the newspaper to magazines to the Internet to television, etc. So far I am really intrigued by all I am learning in my Journalism 101 class and I am looking forward to the future classes so I can learn more!


About kewestrich

I am a freshman and a social work major at the University of Alabama!
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