Faculty Forum

On March 25th, 2011 I attended the second Faculty Forum of the semester. That was over a month ago, but one of the faculty members that spoke to the group made quite the impact. His name is Rick Bragg. Rick Bragg is currently the Professor of Writing at the University of Alabama, but since joining the faculty at the U of A, Bragg has had many adventures.

Rick Bragg discussed the many jobs that he had before becoming a professor at the University. I was especially interested in his tales of being a writing for the NY Times, traveling to Haiti for journalism work, and how he became a credited author. Rick Bragg is a Pulitzer Prize winner and he was also awarded the Nieman Fellowship at Harvard University.

It was inspiring to here the story of a man who was raised in a small town in Alabama who went on to travel across the country and to other countries for his work. He told us (the students attended the Faculty Forum) about how he simply just quit the NY Times. You don’t hear about people just leaving a job at the New York Times, but Rick Bragg wasn’t pleased so he left. He said he did that on numerous occasions and that never seemed to slow him down. He is a strong-willed man who lives his life that he wants to live it and by doing so he earned himself a Pulitzer Prize, more than 50 other writing awards, book deals, and teaching jobs at various colleges. The University of Alabama is lucky to have him on their staff.


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I am a freshman and a social work major at the University of Alabama!
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  1. Good points about Rick Bragg. Some analysis in this post. That’s also good.

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